Payment Gateway

  • Recurring ​​billing customer​​ (subscriber system)
  • One​​ click​​ payments​​ (without re-entering ​​the​​ card​​ data)
  • Accept ​​20​​ currencies​​ without registration
  • Get​​ paid​​ online​​ at​​ the ​​best ​​rates
  • Mastercard​​ and​​ VISA ​​payment ​​gateway
  • BankLink

Focus ​​on ​​Your​​ Business, we​​ will ​​care your​​ payments

Choose ​​the​​ product ​​that​​ meets​​ your ​​needs

Automatic payments -
allow to take the same amount at
a certain interval.

The funds will be automatically debited from the customer's bank card without further action on his part. It is enough to get his consent at the time of the first payment.

One click payments -
allow to accept a repeated payment without the need to enter bank card details.

Having made the first payment, the payer has the opportunity ot to enter further the data of the bank card, he only needs to confirm the payment operation, for example, by clicking on the button Pay.

One-time online payments
from unregistered users

After choosing a product or service, an unregistered buyer ill be able to pay entering card details.

Automatic invoicing

Your clients will receive invoice automatically after each successful transaction. Your accountant will receive copy.

Accept​​ credit​​ card​​ payments
on​​ your ​​webpage

A​​ simple​​ credit​​ card​​ processing ​​that ​​fits​​ your brand ​​and​​ website design.​​ Clients ​​can conveniently​​ make ​​credit​​ card​​ payments online​​ through​​ your​​ website ​​or​​ any​​ mobile device.​​

Choose ​​to​​ have ​​payments​​ deposited directly in to​​ your​​ bank​​ or​​ PayPal​​ account​​–even​​ if​​ you ​​currently ​​don’t ​​have​​ a​​ merchant account.


Easy​​ and ​​friendly​​ form

You can combine this form with the registration form on your website or use it separately. The design of the form is 100% adapted to the design Your site. The form is integrated into the site or opened by clicking on the button.


The buyer has the opportunity to specify the amount or confirm the pre-allocated amount.

DEMO SHOP WITH PAYMENT FORM Demo invoice with payment form
DEMO SHOP WITH PAYMENT FORM Demo invoice with payment form

Easy to integrate

It is very easy to integrate PayReform® into any website or online store.
Just insert a script and get payments!

Get​​ the ​​script​​

Frequently Asked Questions about the PayReform®


• Airlines;
• Software;
• Tourism;
• Providers of TV, Internet and telephone services;
• Hosting;
• Internet shops;
• Education;
• Online Games;
• Restaurants and food delivery;
• Advertising platforms;
• Gyms;
• Dating websites;
• Electronic services;
• Retail trade.

Not accepted:

x Projects for adults (webcams, adult products, etc.);
x Pharmaceuticals (any type);
x Malicious programs, etc .;
x Any business with illegal activities;
x Unregulated Forex

We are committed to providing our customers with a service that covers all aspects of online transactions.

Due to the advanced possibilities for processing automatic payments, our solution is ideal for companies that work with customers on an ongoing basis and have a subscriber system or registration on the site!

Yes! Non-profits use PayReform to accept payments. Contact us to get started.

It’s very easy to start. Fill out the application and the consultant will call you back and consult on all issues.

We offer free 24/7 support 365 days a year and we help you through the entire setup.

Usually the process of connecting a new merchant takes 2-3 days.

• Easy registration;
• Availability of convenient and understandable web-interface;
• System security at the highest level;
• Large selection of partner banks;
• 24-hour technical support;
• Personal Area;
• Detailed statistics of all financial flows;
• Cascading and routing payments;
• Convenient payment platform.

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