Education payment processing


Schools and universities receive a regularly recurring (the same or not the same) amount from the students. What happens if the student does not pay on time? He may be penalized or even denied access to educational resources!
We offer a payment solution for educational institutions, which allows automatically withdraw a certain amount from the student’s bank account.
If there is a shortage of funds in the student’s bank account, university can accept a partial payment and automatically check the availability of funds in a few days. If university can not accept payment from a particular card, you can automatically use a backup bank card, for example, parents.
This solution has significant advantages!

– the number of financial debtors decreases
– Increased financial discipline
– The university’s expenses on administration of receivables will decrease
– the retirement of students due to debts is reduced
How does the service activate?
When signing a training contract, a payment schedule is drawn up – this is the basis for automatically receiving payment from the student’s bank account.
How does synchronization occur?

Your student accounting system using API sends information from which student what amount should be taken and when.
How does authentication work?
Bank card authorization occurs during the first payment using the card.
Where is the first payment accepted to authorize the card?

The first payment is accepted on the website of the educational institution, in the personal cabinet of the student or at the university cash desk, using a computer or a tablet.

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