Online payments for small, medium & large companies


PayReform connects you and your customers directly with VISA, Mastercard, AMEX. Convenient personal office allows you to quickly monitor the current business performance – view analytics on processed payments, conversion, planned and implemented payments and more, until a detailed study of each transaction.
The payment solution offered by us has a base module that allows processing more than 30 currencies. To the basic module, branch solutions (plug-ins) are connected.
An industry acquiring solution is connected to the base module, for example, a specially developed plug-in for telecommunications companies. Then, at the request of the client, we can additionally connect the automatic payment module, the payment receipt module without re-entering the card data, and others.
We offer industry solutions (plug-ins) that are developed for the following industries:
* Telecommunications
* Security companies
* Insurance
* Education
* Professional service
* Trade
* Tourism
* Rent of transport
* Automatic payments
* Recruiting
* Automatic sending of an invoice
* Payment widget
PayReform is an easily integrated technical solution for receiving and processing card payments, with flexible control capabilities and reliable processing of large amounts of transactions.
PayReform operates on the principle of booking funds, which makes it easier to process funds and reduce the number of refunds.
Using the latest payment solutions helps business development, as it is an excellent way to cut costs and increase the reliability of cash transfers, and also increases the company’s credibility in the eyes of customers.

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