Am​​ I​​ able​​ to ​​work​​ with ​​the​​ Web​​ API​​ solution if​​ I​​ don't​​ know ​​how​​ to code?

Directly integrating our API gives you the most flexibility and access to our entire feature set. However, by choosing the direct API solution we recommend you have coding skills or a developer in your team.

In case you don’t have a developer or need assistance, you can just visit our Partner Program to find one who can help you with the integration.


How​​ does ​​a ​​payment​​ gateway​​ work?

A payment gateway plays three major roles in online payment transactions:

  • Authorise – It validates the customer’s payment (credit or debit card) information.
  • Transfer – It transfers the validated information to the Internet Merchant Account for approval.
  • Report – It records all the details of the transactions that took place.

It then reports back to the customer with the result of the assessment:

  • Report – a receipt will be issued. You should check the confirmation email.
  • Declined – Ithis may be due to insufficient funds. You should discuss this with your bank.
  • Error – incorrect information. You will have to try again.

Getting Started

Integrating PayReform is fast and easy. You can start accepting payments in a matter of minutes.

If you’d like to get a quick overview of PayReform integration process follow along this quick guide which will show you how to set up a payment form for accepting credit card payments.



PayReform can be integrated in almost any technological stack. Check out the list of the supported languages in our Libraries page.

For the purpose of this guide, we will use PHP. Don’t worry if you are not a PHP expert, it’s meant to demonstrate the concepts that you can apply to your own prefered technology. If PHP is not installed on your system, go to http://php.net/manual/en/install.php and install the proper version for your platform.



To use the builtin server, make sure your version is >= 5.4

Get the example project

Via Git

If you are a git user, you can directly clone the repository

git clone git@github.com:paymill/quickstart-php.g it

Download the archive

If you don’t user Git, the project is also available as a zip archive here www.payreform.com

Once you installed the dependencies you can run the project.

php -S localhost: 3000

You can now access it in your browser at the following URL: http://localhost:3000

Integrate the payment form

The first thing we need to do is to integrate a payment form for the user to submit his credit card details.

In the index.php file, locate the following code:

<div><img src="/images/comingsoon.png" alt="Coming soon" /></div>
<!-- END FORM -->

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